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Snowbird Life Hacks: Making the Most of the Warm Winter Living

Ah, the freedom of the snowbird life! By the time September gets chilly in northern lands, you can be packed and headed down the open road to temperate southern regions, including comfortable Pahrump, Nev., a noted destination for RV-ers.

If this fall brings your first major RV voyage, you might have questions on making vacation living more tidy and efficient. While today’s RVs have the conveniences of traditional homes, there’s always methods to make snowbird-style living more enjoyable.

Of course, before you leave it’s always necessary take care of the financials. For instance, you can cancel car insurance, internet service and land-line phone service for the months you’ll be away. You might also be able to generate income, too. Consider renting out your traditional residence as a sublet. This can help defray the costs of your snowbird stay. Similarly, if you’re headed to the Sunbelt from Canada, make sure your passport and driver’s license is current.

With such “big ticket” items squared away, it’s time to get the little things squared away, such as TV remote controls and flashlights. For remotes, secure them to an easy-to-reach surface with Velcro strips. Similarly, use broom hooks to store flashlights on a wall in your RV; the useful tip will pay off some dark night, to be sure.

Of all the the RV living space areas, the kitchen is most prime for hacks. Improve your mobile galley by installing closet racks in your cupboards to organize canned goods like soup or chili—no more tin cans rolling around! Install a metal rod along a wall near your stove and hang your cooking utensils, keeping everything from spatulas to whisks in visible order. Also, adding metal hooks under a cabinet is perfect for hanging coffee mugs. Similarly, inexpensive plastic magazine racks are excellent for holding and organizing paper goods like picnic plates. And last but not least, use metal hanging racks to hold your wastebasket securely under the sink.

Little hacks in food preparation go a long way, too. One of the easiest tricks of the trade is to keep a collection of free condiment packets from restaurants available in a drawer—you’ll always have ketchup, mustard, mayo and more available without relying on bulky, fridge-filling squeeze bottles. Love scrambled eggs? Crack raw eggs into a plastic water bottle, screw the cap on, and shake. Breakfast is a pour away. And if you’re taking a day-trip tour in your RV through vistas like Death Valley National Park, you can use press-and-seal plastic wrap for a cup top; just pop with a straw and sip away!

Don’t have time for these hacks (and beyond) before you set out for southerly climes like Pahrump? They’re just as easy to do when you arrive at destinations including award-winning Lakeside Casino and RV ParkWine Ridge RV Resort & Cottages and Nevada Treasure RV Resort. Even better, everything needed for snowbird hacks are easy to find at stores like Home Depot, Albertsons, and Walmart Supercenter.