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The Oasis at Death Valley

Some of the world’s most beautiful places to explore are found in the USA. Fortunately, over time, our government had the foresight to preserve them by turning 60 of these places into National Parks. One of the most incredible parks is found less than an hour drive from Pahrump, NV. In fact, Pahrump is a logical stop off point on your way to visit this amazing park. If you haven’t been to Death Valley National Park (DNVP) to see it for yourself, you need to plan a trip there soon.

DVNP covers over three million acres of land on the California/Nevada border. One of the small towns within the park is Furnace Creek. Within this tiny town is the visitor center where you can learn the history of the park, buy souvenirs, look at maps to plan out your excursion, and talk to the knowledgeable park rangers who are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Also, in Furnace Creek, you’ll discover The Oasis at Death Valley, consisting of three unique properties definitely worth exploring. These are The Inn at Death Valley (formerly called Furnace Creek Inn), The Ranch at Death Valley (formerly Furnace Creek Ranch), and Furnace Creek Golf Course at Death Valley. These three venues have recently been renovated by expanding them and bringing them up to date.

The Inn at Death Valley

Aerial shot of the Oasis Inn
Aerial shot of the Oasis Inn

When it originally opened in 1927, this old-world, eloquent Inn only had 25 rooms (each with its own charm), a spring-fed swimming pool, and a restaurant. Now it has 66 refurbished rooms plus 22 casita units complete with a living room, wet bar, bathroom, and bedroom.

The renovation took the original building down to the studs and then built it back up to preserve the iconic charm of the Inn. The entire Inn was updated from electricity to the plumbing and everything in between. The overall footprint was kept intact, but upgrades were made to the bathrooms, showers, and commodes. Providing an interpretation of the era without having actual period pieces was the goal.

The spring-fed pool remained the same, but the amenities around it were improved. They added a new nurturing spa and cabanas for shade. Also, the addition included a brand-new fitness facility so you can stay in shape while you vacation. During the high season, which goes from the beginning of October to Mother’s Day, a small pool bar will be available. In the offseason, when the temperatures are in the triple digits, the pool is used mostly at night.

The dining room, bar, and lobby have all been upgraded, and they also added a date grove in front of the building with plans to harvest them when they become mature. Plans for an orange orchard and pomegranates are in the works as well. All of this produce will be used in their kitchen. Overall, eleven million dollars worth of new landscaping was incorporated into The Inn and The Ranch properties.

Across Highway 190 from the Inn, you’ll find the newly established Mission Gardens. This area will be used for purpose events such as weddings, concerts, receptions, etc. and can accommodate 300 people. Within the casita area, they created a large open space for events as well. Weddings, family reunions, and corporate gatherings are among the most popular.

Much needed renovations of the meeting spaces at The Inn were completed, and a more intimate atmosphere was created in The Gold Rush Room, which overlooks the pool and has the best views of the area.

The original glamor and charisma of this Mission California Style Inn were maintained with the makeover and expansion of this unique four-diamond resort.

The Ranch at Death Valley

Phase I

About a mile and a half down the road from The Inn, you’ll find The Ranch at Death Valley. Phase I of the renovations of this more casual, family-friendly part of the Oasis at Death Valley Resort is also finished.

This phase included the demolition of the registration building, the store, and restaurants. Now when you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a walking square complete with a fountain located at the center. The other new buildings are built out from this main building.

These other buildings house three restaurants including the signature restaurant, “Last Kind Words Saloon,” (which was inspired by the Larry McMurtry book of the same name), the 1849 Buffet, and a small ice cream and pizza counter.

Wide shot inside of the Last Kind Words Saloon
Inside of the Last Kind Words Saloon

The museum remained untouched and is a special collection of items from the history of Death Valley. There are exhibits both inside and outside of the building. It is well worth a walk through and don’t forget the gift shop where you can purchase memorabilia from your visit.

Phase II

The existing post office will be torn down as part of phase II. It will be rebuilt to mirror the image of the retail area. The retail plans for this phase include three new entities:

  1. The return of the old soda fountain.
  2. Death Valley Outfitters, which will offer bike rentals, camping equipment, and hiking gear.
  3. An upscale retail store, which will sell jewelry and unique products.

The hotel, which currently consists of 224 rooms, will be renovated, resulting in 196 hotel rooms plus 80 new cottages with front porches, living rooms, bedrooms, and baths. The hotel upgrades will include red architectural tiles, new furniture, drapes, massive landscaping changes, and an updated pool building.

Furnace Creek Golf Course at Death Valley

You’re “guaranteed to play your lowest round ever” at the Furnace Creek Golf Course at Death Valley which sits at 214 feet below sea level. It is rated as one of America’s 50 toughest courses. It is a par 70, 18-hole course and is the lowest elevation golf course in the world.

Golfers putting in the green on the 7th hole of Furnace Creek Golf Course
Golfers putting in the green on the 7th hole of Furnace Creek Golf Course

Many people come to play during the summer for bragging rights to say they played during the hottest season. In reality, summer rules dictate everyone is to be off the course by 11:00 AM once the temperature hits 115°. The 19th Hole is closed during the offseason.

Although the course itself did not change, more desert landscaping will be brought in keeping with the desert flavor of Death Valley. The 19th Hole also experienced some changes, including the removal of the ramp and doubling the seating capacity by adding a patio out front.

The temporary restaurant, which was established during The Ranch renovation, will be converted into an events facility with a covered porch on the back side and a more formal entry in the front. Palm trees have been added in this area also.

All of these renovations throughout the Oasis at Death Valley Resort are being done with class while keeping the authenticity of the era in which it was originally created. Visiting or, even better, staying here is an experience you’ll always cherish in a location you’ll never forget.

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